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Tracey O'Callaghan - Coach

When you meet Tracey, it will only take you a few minutes to appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience. Combine this with her passion and drive and you have someone who’s got what it takes to effect positive change.

With a background of over 20 years in human resources and organisational development, Tracey has a deep understanding of the challenges people face as they journey through their career. She also readily identifies how to help them rise to those challenges and achieve their potential.

Trained through Results Coaching Systems, Tracey has guided individuals in a range of areas, and is an expert in supporting people through transitions such as career, redundancy, recruitment, as well as health and age-related changes.  An experienced workshop presenter, people appreciate her natural warmth and enthusiasm and the easy manner in which she helps them examine their beliefs and fears, uncover their values and hopes, and turn their dreams into achievable goals.

Before establishing Life Choices Ltd, Tracey held senior roles in a number of government and corporate organisations both in NZ and the UK , including Transpower and NZ Police. A double graduate in Social Psychology and Employment Studies, she also holds a post graduate Certificate in Career Management.

Tracey’s notable background is matched only by her inspiring attitude and beliefs. As someone who practises what she preaches, throughout her life Tracey has set herself challenging goals and achieved them. These include emigrating from the UK to NZ, renovating several houses, extensive travel, having a great circle of friends and a wonderful partner.  She has also obtained numerous qualifications, had a successful corporate career and established her own business. Not one to let the grass grow underneath her, Tracey and her partner also run Gladstone's only Five Star rated guest lodge, The Summit Lodge.

“My philosophy is that 'life is for living', taking risks and, at the end of it all, having no regrets. I get a real buzz out of helping people realise their potential and achieve goals they hadn't thought possible.  It’s so easy to get stuck and settle for second best or let fear hold you back.  Making a positive difference to even one person's life is hugely rewarding.”

To make a difference in your organisation contact Tracey

Tracey O’Callaghan

Director and Life Coach

BSc Social Psychology 

MSc Employment Studies

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